AQH Community Score Card (CSC) starts in Malisheva, Rahovec and Gjakova

The Community Score Card (CSC) is a participatory and social accountability tool for assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation of services. It brings together the service users and service providers of a health service within Primary Health Care to jointly analyze issues underlying service delivery problems and find a common and shared way of addressing those issues.

AQH Project with its NGO partner ‘POLIS’ started implementing the Community Score Card in three other project municipalities: Malisheva, Rahovec and Gjakova.

The introduction of CSC model was made in the initial meetings organized on 2, 3 and 4 February with representatives from Directorates of Health and Social Welfare, the Main Family Medicine Centers (MFMCs) and the respective community representatives and civil society organizations.

The purpose of these meetings was to introduce the concept of the CSC and the steps of process implementation.The CSC process in three above mentioned municipalities is expected to end in May 2021.