All 20 partner municipalities of AQH II recently participated in the project workshop where findings from Peer Review and Clinical Audits performed in 2020 in 12 partner municipalities were presented. Representatives of the MoH participated to the discussions together with the Directors of Main Family Medicine Centers (MFMCs) and the Quality Coordinators of the partner municipalities.

The pandemic started early last year reflects in the entire activity of the Primary Health Care (PHC) providers, thus all 12 partner municipalities have chosen the Peer Review (PR) topic for 2020 as part of their adapted answer to COVID-19 emergency situation: ‘Management of the Pandemic’. 

In connection with the PR topic, all 12 Quality Teams selected a variety of subjects for their Clinical Audits (CA), such as: engagement of the patients with Hypertensions and Diabetes in motivational counselling sessions; immunization (Measles, Mumps and Rubella – MMR Vaccine for children and Hepatitis B for health care personnel); home visits; family planning; management of medical records; management of Hypertension; IT in PHC; prevention of newborn anomalies using supplements during pregnancy.

The workshop concluded a generous list of recommendations around the quality improvement of PHC services: strengthening institutional and organizational capacities to manage medical emergencies; drafting new procedures and revision of the existing procedures regarding the management of health epidemiological situations and prevention from Covid-19; continuing training programs for health care staff and supportive staff on potential endemic; epidemic and pandemic infections. 

In addition, the MoH added few suggestions for the next CA exercises: the referral from PHC to secondary health care; the parenteral treatment of patients referred to PHC from hospitals, including private hospitals; the treatment of Diabetes, Hypertension and Bronchial Asthma, accordingly to the MoH national clinical guidelines.