AQH Integrated Care (IC) model continues to disseminate

Integrated Care (IC) as a new concept in Kosovo promotes patient-centered care through multisectoral collaboration and increases patient’s motivation to stay physically active and maintain good health. Integrated Care aims to improve the wellbeing and functional status of chronic patients through better services coordination of primary health care and social sectors. 

Within the IC dissemination in the Municipality of Lipjan on 04.03.2021 a joint workshop was organized with the Lipjan team facilitated by Fushe Kosova team with representatives from Main Family Medicine Centers (MFMCs) and Centers for Social Work. Fushe Kosova is the first partner Municipality of AQH Project where an Integrated Care model is being implemented with the aim of improving the quality of care provided for patients over the age of 65 years that have been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. 

Geriatric Care Assessment and the development of Individual Care Plans were also discussed during the workshop and the evaluation of muscular grip strength using a handgrip dynamometer was demonstrated using roll-play techniques.