AQH initiates the involvment of 8 new municipalities in Quality Management activities

Project AQH successfully initiated the involvement of 8 new partner municipalities in Quality Management activities. On 19th April a one-day training was held with international expert Calin Dragulanescu supported by local mentors Dr.Violeta Xërza-Thaqi and Dr. Linda Çarkaxhiu with representatives from Quality Committee including Directors of Main Family Medicine Centers (MFMCs) and Quality Coordinators.

The training aim to introduce a general concept and key tools of Quality Management followed a series of visits to MFMCs in Decan, Istog, Kamenica, Novoberda, Peja, Shtime and Ranilug. During these visits the current state of Quality Management in 8 respective MFMCs and the possibilities for further support were discussed.