Supportive Supervision Model in 5 Municipalities

As a part of quality improvement activity, AQH supported the development of the Supportive Supervision model in participation with Quality Coordinators and Primary Health Care Technical Group of 5 following municipalities: Drenas, Gracanica, Junik, Rahovec, and Skenderaj.

The main activities during this period were additional trainings in each of the 5 Main Family Medicine Centres (MFMC) for directors, Quality Coordinators, other supervisors and relevant staff. Additionally, individual and group coaching sessions were done to support the use of supervision tools and development of plans for strengthening supportive supervision in each of the selected municipalities. Majority of activities were within PHC facilities to support specific fields in quality improvements with other AQH project activities.

During September 2017, additional 2-3 hour training was provided in each of the 5 MFMC was held for directors, Quality Coordinators, supervisors (chiefs/heads of departments). Whereas, during October-December 2017, 25 individual and group coaching-mentoring supervision sessions were provided to the Quality Coordinators and relevant staff. Those activities included discussion of findings from the rapid assessment and areas for improvement were identified in each municipality.