Review of Complaints Management

One under-pinning principle of the project approach is that enhanced citizen-state interactions can lead to public service improvement. Across its different interventions AQH aims to support the development and institutionalisation of feedback processes between communities/individuals and PHC services (managers and providers) as a basis for strengthening accountability so that the health system is more responsive to patients’ needs. The management of patient complaints is an important feedback process which is integral to all three project Outcomes: improving the quality of services and the clinician-patient interaction at facility level to reduce the need for patient complaints (Outcome 1); using the complaints mechanism as a driver for quality improvement (Outcome 2); and ensuring that citizens/patients know what their rights and entitlements to health services are, and that they know how to make a complaint when these are not fulfilled (Outcome 3).

In September 2017 AQH appointed an international consultant, Nicu Fota, to undertake a short study to help us better understand what the current arrangements for the management of complaints are – and identify areas where these can be improved. Nicu was supported during the assignment by Teuta Demjaha, and the findings of their study will help our stakeholders identify where project support can be provided during the coming year.