Motivational Counselling in health education

Through motivational counselling people feel more encouraged to change the attitude that is preventing them from making healthier choices…whether the change involves diet, exercise, smoking or any other habit.

When it comes to health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, nurses have a crucial role. While listening to patients concerns, and motivating them through innovative techniques, these nurses will help their patients live a healthier life.

International trainer Graeme Horridge held a series of training’s dedicated to the nurses that work in Health Resource Centers in Fushe Kosova, Malisheve, Vushtrri, Mitrovice, Gjakove.

Considering that motivational counselling is a new approach in offering health education, Mr. Horridge through supervision and coaching is guiding the two local trainers, Ms. Fekrije Hasani and Mr. Genc Bajraktari on supporting their skills to deliver this training.