‘Long Covid’: the impact of the pandemic on society and economy by Prof.Nicole Probst-Hensch

Nicole Probst-Hensch, Head of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at “Swiss TPH” was a guest on Schweizer Radio and Fernsehen’s (SRF) talk show “Der Club” discussing Long Covid and the impact of the pandemic on society and the economy. ​

“From a public health perspective, we need to find the right balance between controlling the infections and maintaining quality of life,” she said during the discussion. The whole talk gave some more answers on how long Covid impacts patients months after having the disease, if those affected are being taken seriously and what this means especially for our social services in the future but also the economy and our society in general. A day later Nicole was again live on television in the SRF’s show 10vor10 directly from the foyer Kilimanjaro at Swiss TPH. Nicole and her team are working on the COVCO-Basel study, which aims to show the short and long-term effects of the “new normality”: how has the physical and mental health, lifestyle, work environment and family situation of the regional population changed as a result of the corona crisis? How many people have become lonely, sad and anxious? Who moves less or does more sport than before the epidemic How many people have developed an addiction problem in isolation? How many people have financial worries since Corona?