Gender Awareness and Social Inclusion training

Considering that one of the components of AQH project is to deliver quality services that respond to communities’ needs, including those of vulnerable groups, a training session on ‘Gender Awareness and Social Inclusion’ was delivered to PHC providers by an international expert- Dr. Leah Bohle from Swiss TPH. Prior to delivering the training, the Primary Healthcare Technical Expert Group (PHC TEG) revised the materials and provided recommendations for Kosovo context. A two-day training module which was accredited by CME board was delivered to master trainers at Hotel Garden from 8-9 November 2016 and ToT Toolkit was developed as part of the training materials. The topics in the training included: Inequity in Health & Social Inclusion; Gender in Healthcare; Cultural Competence; and participants were introduced to the ‘Gender Lens Tool’.

The gender lens tool can…

  • focus our attention on gender differences
  • identify aspects of medical care and disease that require further research
  • build a framework for examining any area of medicine from a gender perspective
  • identify gaps and differences in health information from a gender perspective

Gender incorporates both biological and psychosocial aspects of a person’s life experience. Using a simple matrix the tool can be used to analyse the following factors:

  • Biological differences
  • Social differences
  • Cultural differences
  • Economic differences
  • Political differences
  • Educational differences

Following the training a leaflet ‘Gender in Healthcare’ was produced which will be widely disseminated to healthcare providers.

  • ‘Gender in healthcare’ Leaflet