Committed to a Patient-Centered Health System in Kosovo

On 4 June 2024, representatives from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) in Kosovo held key meetings in Drenas and Prizren, centred on patient rights, empowerment, and a patient-centric health system.

At the Main Family Medicine Centre (MFMC) in Drenas, discussions with Director Ismet Bogiqi, Municipal Health Director Lumnije Krapi, and Patient Council Chairperson Kadire Tahiraj highlighted the comprehensive support provided by the SDC through the Accessible Quality Healthcare (AQH) Project, encompassing infrastructure upgrades, capacity building, and health promotion programs.

Notably, the establishment of a Patient Council was emphasized as a vital element in improving patient care. In Prizren, SDC representatives Laurent Torche, Merita Mustafa, and Nicholas Jenny engaged with the board and members of the Patient Rights Association of Kosovo (PRAK). The discussions focused on PRAK’s history, its ongoing work, and the institutional transformation it is undergoing in collaboration with the IHS Project.

This partnership aims to bolster PRAK’s role as a defender of patient rights, expand its network of organizations promoting patient-centred healthcare, and establish it as a significant regional actor. Besim Kodra of PRAK affirmed their mission, stating, “We pursue in our mission: protect patient rights!”