Workshop with Expert Panel: ‘Moving Towards Integrated Care in Kosovo’

Workshop with Expert Panel Moving Towards Integrated Care in Kosovo

The Agenda for the workshop on the 16th of February was designed so that a number of key stakeholders from amongst the ‘Moving Towards Integrated Care in Kosovo’ conference attendees were provided with an opportunity for more interactive discussions with the conference guest speakers about ways that care could be further integrated in Kosovo.

The 55 workshop participants included representatives from MoH and its institutions, the AQH project Municipalities, service providers, NGOs, and other partners supporting the National Health Reforms.

Four working groups were established to consider the issues related to integrated care from 4 perspectives: 1) Community, 2) Service providers, 3) Local Government, 4) Policy. In addition, our colleagues from the SDC supported health projects in Albania and Moldova also shared their experiences of Integrated Care.