Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs)

AFTER_Minor infrastructure rehabilitation in MFMC in Obiliq

The project is continuing to work with our municipalities to look at ways of improving quality. Following the training on different aspects of Quality Management that already took place in July 2016 we developed a guide to explain how QIPs should be developed including the application procedure, evaluation and selection criteria, timetable etc. and then we started implementation of the first round of QIPs in February 2017.

We worked with our municipalities and we identified 14 possible QIPs and during the selection process it was then decided that AQH would support a total 12, so that each municipality is starting by implementing one project. The projects selected cover a wide range of interventions including refurbishments to create a more child-friendly environment, improving sign-posting for patients within the PHC centre, and providing beds and other items of furniture to improve patient comfort etc.  Most of the projects were completed during May 2017 and the remaining ones will finish in the first part of June 2017.

PIU have provided coaching to help managers work through the process and after the first round of QIPs implementation we will then together evaluate this and look at what worked well and where further adjustments could be made to make the process more effective.

A participatory workshop to evaluate the projects will take place in June 2017 and the next phase of QIPs will begin after that. Meanwhile the AQH team will continue to work with the municipalities to closely monitor and document the results from the first round of QIPs.

Minor infrastructure rehabilitation in MFMC in F. Kosova – before and after


Minor infrastructure rehabilitation in MFMC in Lipjan – before and after



Minor infrastructure rehabilitation in MFMC in Obiliq – before and after



Orientation Sign in Mitrovica MFMC