Provision of basic equipment to implement HE/HP activities

1. Provision of basic equipment to implement HEHP activities

AQH is working closely with 3 NGOs who are conducting health education and health promotion activities in our municipalities including training of community groups.  (KOPF for Prishtina region, Mundesia for Mitrovica region and AHED for Gjakova region). In order to help them undertake this training AQH has provided some basic equipment, such as laptop and projector, flip charts etc. and also Blood pressure monitoring equipment and Glucometer which are items specifically needed for training about hypertension and diabetes.

The project has also provided this support to the Health Education Commissions (HECs) of the 3 project regional IPHs (Prishtine, Gjakove, Mitrovice) who will in the future will also provide HE/HP training.

This training equipment was delivered during May 2017.