Providing basic PHC equipment for 81 MFMCs and FMCs

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Since the beginning of this year AQH has been working on the procurement of basic PHC equipment for all 81 facilities supported by the project. The list of equipment that will be purchased for each facility includes 18 items and, because the total cost of the purchase exceeds 230,000 Swiss Francs, we needed to follow SDC international tendering procedures.  Following a competitive tendering process we awarded a contract for 13 of the 18 items in August 2017.

We re-tendered for the outstanding 5 items and contracts for 3 of the items were awarded in November 2017, whilst the process for procurement of the last 2 items is still ongoing.

Two international consultants have been supporting this process – Nicu Fota who is a procurement expert and Cornel Pilaru who is a bio-medical engineer – and they have worked closely with a group of national experts and the PIU team to help with the development of the procurement implementation plan, the equipment specifications, preparation of the tendering documents and evaluation of the offers.

We are delighted that the first lot of 13 items was received into the warehouse on 15 November 2017, and once all the equipment has been checked and documented PIU will work with the company and the Heads of the MFMCs to distribute the equipment to all municipalities over the next few weeks.


  1. 1.List of 13 items from basic PHC equipment
  2. 2. Schedule of delivery of medical equipment