Participatory workshop for Service Packages

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As part of project activity to support the implementation of service packages in 4 pilot Municipalities (Gjakova, Mitrovica, Vushtrri and Malisheve) a participatory workshop was held in Center for Development of Family Medicine (CDFM) to review the draft service package model and look at how health education and promotion can be included as part of service package implementation. The participants of the workshop were: Directors of Department of Health and Social Welfare (DHSW) and Directors of Main Family Medicine Center (MFMC) from 4 service package Municipalities, representative from CDFM, National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), Center for Continuous Nursing Education (CCNE) and Technical Expert Group (TEG).

During the workshop participants discussed issues such as: what will be the role of health educators at facility level, who will be the health educators, and which facilities should introduce this new role. Also during the workshop certain issues were discussed to be taken into consideration for implementation of service packages: Registers, Patient Passports, Documentation, Communication strategy, Outreach, Referral, Timelines, M&E etc.

From the workshop it was agreed to start with implementation of the health educator role in the 4 MFMCs and that this would be developed as part of the nursing role.

A Working Group will be established to lead these activities and a number of smaller working groups will be established to develop the different materials and tools needed for the implementation of the service packages.