Participatory Evaluation of Outcome 2 Activities

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A participatory workshop to evaluate Outcome 2 activities that have taken place so far was held with Directors of DHSW, Directors of MFMC from 12 project Municipalities and ToTs for the management training. During the workshop several activities were discussed including: 1) evaluation of first cycle of the management training; 2) evaluation of first round of Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs) and lessons learned; 3) discussion of options for participatory planning; and 4) setting the process for developing Master Plans.

Participants gave their recommendations about the next cycles of management training including the content, duration and modality to deliver the trainings for other staff in the 12 Municipalities. The 2nd round of Management training will begin in September 2017.

As far as evaluation of first round of QIPs process, constraints and challenges were discussed and recommendations for future cycles were given. It was agreed that next rounds of QIPs will follow the same process and use the same Guide and Application Manual as in the 1st cycle. The applications process for the 2nd round of QIPs will begin in September 2017.