Launching of Integrated Care in Fushe Kosova

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On Tuesday, 9th October 2019, Mr. Burim Berisha, Mayor of Fushe Kosova Municipality, is hosting the launch of the Integrated Care Pilot in Main Family Medical Center (MFMC).

The Municipality of Fushe Kosova is piloting an integrated care model that aims to improve the quality of care provided for patients over the age of 65yrs that have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, through better coordination of services provided by the health and social sectors.

A key success factor of integrated care so far has been the continuous and enthusiastic support of the local multi-sectoral Working Group, with representatives from: health sector, social services and local NGOs, including the Association of Retirees. To this account the Head of the Working Group, Dr. Osman Maxhera explains the main purpose of this project: “Health of an individual is affected by many factors combined together. It is also affected by the social aspect, and being healthy is determined by circumstances and environment people are surrounded by. Until now diabetes treatment considered mainly the medical care, whereas now diabetes is treated in every aspect. The very idea is that patients shouldn’t run after services, but they should have a care plan, which is made exclusively for each patient. This is what we are trying to do with the Integrated Care in Municipality of Fushe Kosova”.

The Working Group coordinates activities for implementation of integrated care considering patient-centered approach. “Social workers together with the nurses will visit these patients at their homes so they can understand better their medical and social needs through an assessment. We are doing all this in order to improve the quality of their health, and wellbeing.” adds Director of Center for Social Work in Fushe Kosova, Mr. Abaz Xhigoli.

Our aim is to offer coordinated health and social care for patients with Type 2 Diabetes, through individualized care plans.