Clinical Audit Workshop

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As part of Outcome 2 activities for continuous quality improvement, a clinical audit workshop was held for Quality Coordinators from 12 project Municipalities. The workshop was delivered by two national experts from Municipality of Mitrovica and Gjakova who have an extensive experience in clinical audit within the primary healthcare settings. In the workshop the following topics were covered: the audit methodology for filling clinical records, audit data collection tools and the development of a work plan for carrying out the audits. During the workshop successful clinical audits were presented by the experts as examples of good practice for future reference.

As an outcome of the workshop it was decided that each Quality Coordinator would conduct a clinical audit on the use of medical records in their respective health centre. The two national experts engaged by the AQH project will provide mentoring to each Quality Coordinator, consisting of continuous online coaching, three joint meetings and two individual visits to each municipality.  The Quality Coordinators aim to conclude their audits and produce their audit findings by the end of September 2017.