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Project Implementation Unit

  • Debra

    Team Leader – Debra Stevenson

    Debra first worked in the health sector in Kosovo from 2000-2006 before returning in March 2015 as Team Leader during the inception phase of the AQH project. She has 15-years experience as a senior manager in the UK National Health Service and since 2000 she has worked in with government, non-government, and civil society organisations in more than 20 countries as a Health Systems Specialist supporting all aspects of health systems strengthening and health sector reform. Her areas of expertise include building health sector management capacity; improving service delivery; health policy development and implementation; monitoring and evaluation; as well as programme management. She has a Masters in Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care from the University of Leeds, UK.

    E-mail: debra.stevenson@aqhproject.org


  • QamileRamadani

    Deputy Team Leader – Dr. Qamile Ramadani

    Qamile is General Practitioner/Epidemiologist with over 30 years of experience working in the health sector in Kosovo and Albania.  She has held senior positions with seven health and social services development programmes in the last ten years focussing on health reform and health management, statistical reform and decentralised service provision. In addition she has held the positions of Director of Mitrovica Regional Institute of Public Health and Professional Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Health. Qamile has successfully completed training courses on Decentralisation, Health Sector Reform, Sustainable Financing and Quality Improvement in the Harvard School of Public Health.

    E-mail: qamile.ramadani@aqhproject.org

  • GencYmerhalili

    Outcome 1 Lead – Dr. Genc Ymerhalili

    Genc is the AQH project lead for Outcome 1. He is a Family Medicine doctor and the former Director for the Centre for Development of Family Medicine in Kosovo where he played a lead role in developing the Family Medicine Training Programme, which has been internationally accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK. The Royal College awarded him Honorary Fellowship in November 2016.

    E-mail: genc.ymerhalili@aqhproject.org

  • Foto-1

    Outcome 2 Lead – Dr.Bajram Maxhuni

    Bajram is a Family Medicine Specialist with nearly 20 years experience in managing and coordinating development projects and programmes, mainly in Family Medicine/Primary Health Care and Mother, Child and Reproductive Health. He has worked with many international NGOs as well as UN Agencies and consultancy organisations. As the Outcome 2 Lead, Bajram is responsible for developing managerial capacities of the PHC leaders in the12 project municipalities.

    E-mail: bajram.maxhuni@aqhproject.org

  • 47032969_766286270376576_3467380716432523264_n

    Outcome 3 Lead – Dr. Elvira Rasimi

    Elvira is a General Practitioner who has worked for 16 years with different national and international organizations including: HandiKos; IOM; UNICEF/MoH; UNFPA; and Save the Children Kosovo. During this time she has implemented projects/ programmes related to disabilities, migration, reproductive health and family planning, and civil registration and she has contributed to building the capacities of local NGOs and government stakeholders on issues such as case management and disability. Her experience in working with RAE NGOs and marginalized groups is particularly important for her role as the Outcome 3 Lead for the AQH project.

    E-mail: elvira.rasimi@savethechildren.org

  • ArianaBytyci

    Project Officer – Ariana Bytyci Katanolli

    Ariana has previously worked in managing and implementing different projects funded by UNDP and EU. She is a dental hygienist who graduated from New York University (NYU), whereas her Master in Public Health is from University of Pristina in cooperation with several Universities in EU through a Tempus Program. During 2010, she was part of a research study conducted by NYU-Department of Epidemiology and Health Promotion. Ariana joined AQH project in April 2016 and is mainly involved in Outcome 1 interventions: integrated care and service packages for Diabetes and Hypertension. She is also responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and reporting of activities as per AQH M&E Plan.

    E-mail: ariana.bytyci@aqhproject.org

  • Merita Photo ID

    Project Officer – Dr. Merita Shehu

    Merita is a General practitioner, and she holds a Master’s Degree in Health Management. She has nearly 20 years of experience supporting public and environmental health initiatives, including projects that promote health, human rights, capacity building and empowerment. She has worked for five years with the Joint Venture between Dorsch International Consultants and CDI- SDC funded Program on institutional development, capacity building and raising awareness on health issues. Merita was responsible for leading a seven-year project: “Building Social Dialogue in the Health Sector in Kosovo”. This project aimed to empower and develop health trade unions, focused on women and youth. She has extended experience working with Oxfam GB in the public health projects in Kosova.

    Email: merita.shehu@aqhproject.org


  • Zana Aqifi Photo ID

    Communications Officer – Zana Aqifi

    Zana Aqifi is a specialist of communications, holding a degree in journalism. She has extensive experience in business management and communications, media management, campaigns, marketing and PR. She has worked with a number of national and international institutions in planning, organizing and executing PR strategies and has proven to effectively present community based organizations to the public in a positive manner. Among other achievements, Zana has demonstrated outstanding social responsibility and fundraising skills by creating and leading the “Let’s dance campaign”, which advocates for Kosovo mothers and children in need.

    E-mail: zana.aqifi@aqhproject.org

  • IMG_4986

    Project Assistant – Vanesa Ahmetgjekaj

    Vanesa is a graduate from American University and holds a bachelor Science Degree in Applied Arts and Science with a concentration in management, economics and statistics, and minor in public policy. Prior to becoming a member of our team, she has built her career in the filed of monitoring and evaluation at USAID and other international programs. Since her engagement at AQH, she is mainly involved in Outcome 2 outputs of supportive supervision system, quality management coaching sessions, and management training activities.

    E-mail: vanesa.ahmetgjekaj@aqhproject.org


  • HyrijeRashiti

    Administrator – Hyrije Rashiti

    Hyrije has 18-years experience in project and programmme implementation, including working with EU, USAID and DFID programmes in the health, social services, education and justice sectors. She joined PIU in November 2016 and in her role as Administrator she is responsible for the management of the project office. As well as providing administrative support to the PIU team. Hyrije coordinates all the arrangements for visiting consultants.

    E-mail: hyrije.rashiti@aqhproject.org

  • MM

    Finance Officer – Mentor Mjekiqi

    Mentor has academic grounding in Finance with more than 11 years of experience in the Financial management. His previous experience includes working for UN mission in Kosovo(UNMIK), and EU Rule of law mission in Kosovo (EULEX).

    As Finance Officer Mentor supports the AQH Team Leader with all aspects of work related to the management of project finances and he works closely with the AQH Senior Accountant in Swiss TPH office in Basel.

    E-mail: mentor.mjekiqi@aqhproject.org

  • LirakKelmendi

    Logistics and Procurement Officer – Lirak Kelmendi

    Lirak has worked in the areas of logistics and procurement since 2000 and has previously worked with organisations including the Norwegian Red Cross, Care International and Save the Children. He joined PIU in April 2016. As well as being responsible for procurement for the PIU office, Lirak also works closely with the Outcome Leads on all aspects of logistics and procurement for the implementation of project activities.

    E-mail: lirak.kelmendi@aqhproject.org

  • SalihVehapi

    Support Officer – Salih Vehapi

    Salih supports PIU to ensure that the logistics and transportation for all of our project activities are in place. He has previously worked with Care Norway and Save the Children and he joined PIU during the inception phase of the project.

    E-mail: salih.vehapi@aqhproject.org